7 Tips To Avoid Squirrel Syndrome

Squirrel Syndrome – The tendency of people to allow distractions to impede progress toward a goal.


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Are you easily distracted, especially when you’re not really into the goal that you’re trying to achieve?

I’m a Squirrel Syndrome sufferer and it’s hard for me to stay on task at times.  I’ve found that you can’t multitask and make worthwhile progress on anything requiring even the least bit of concentration.

When it comes to our finances, this disease of distraction can take hold and pull us off course in the blink of an eye.

A lack of focus means a lack of progress.

You have to maintain focus and we all need help with focus at times.

I've come up with seven tips to help us beat the distractions and overcome Squirrel Syndrome.

  1. Set Goals - I know that you've heard over and over that goals are important.  That's because they are and you have to know where you're going or you'll go nowhere.
  2. Choose - Make a decision to move forward with one goal at a time based on your goal ranking.
  3. Determine Done - You have to know when you've achieved your desired result so make your definition of done clear.
  4. Set a Deadline - Be reasonable and set a deadline for yourself.
  5. Be Persistent - Keep at your goal until it is done.
  6. Be Accountable - Find somebody that you can be accountable to so that they can push you towards completion.
  7. Reward Yourself - If the goal itself is not a reward then be sure to reward yourself so that you'll have the motivation to follow through.

We tend to joke about our lack of focus in our world of increasing distractions.  With the internet, smartphones, and other gadgets we’re becoming less likely to stay focused.

What are your tactics for avoiding Squirrel Syndrome?


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