A Great Work – Your One Thing

What is the one thing that you have to get done this year?  There may be something in your relationships that has been hanging around for years and has really held you back.  It could be that you have to get out of debt or find a new job.

Whatever it is, you know what it is even if you haven’t written it down yet.  It may be holding you back.  It may be something that you need to rebuild.

Nehemiah views the ruins of Jerusalem walls

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In the Bible, Nehemiah was called to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem.   Although Nehemiah was the modest cup bearer to the king, he was burdened by his people’s situation and felt that he needed to help in a big way.  He prayed for forgiveness on behalf of Jerusalem and God granted him favor to help the Israelites.

Nehemiah was granted a leave of absence by the king to travel to Jerusalem and ultimately rebuild the wall that once kept Jerusalem safe.  He gathered supplies and a few men and traveled to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem had been overtaken by outsiders without the protection of the wall.  Nehemiah had to lead the rebuilding of the wall to save Jerusalem.

The enemies of Jerusalem were outraged that they may no longer be able to have free reign over the city.  They tried to stop the rebuild but Nehemiah’s persistence and loyalty to his cause was too great.  Nehemiah would not come down from the wall.

I am doing a great work and cannot come down.  Nehemiah 6:3

Be a Nehemiah This Year

You may not have the task of rebuilding a city wall but if you take a stance such as Nehemiah then anything will be possible.  Think about the one thing that you have to get right this year.





Whatever your one thing is, pray to get focus and endurance to see it through.  Remember that without God’s help, Nehemiah wouldn’t have rebuilt the wall.

This year our one ‘have to’ thing is to strengthen the relationships that matter, core family and God.

What is your one thing for 2015?

This post was inspired by a recent podcast episode by Andy Stanley at http://yourmove.is.  I’m a loyal listener of his podcast.  Listen to Andy to put things into perspective.