Being A Good Steward

Some people may think that they’re entitled to what they have.  According to the dominant (worldly) culture, we are entitled to what we earn plus whatever we can get from the government and anybody else.  For some that are well and able, excluding those with a legitimate reason, feel that they are entitled to being completely supported by the government or others.

What’s wrong with this way of thinking, the mindset of entitlement?

What’s wrong with it is that it’s the opposite of what made the United States strong and gives Americans the freedom that we enjoy, and take for granted for the most part, today.  This not only goes for the United States (historically) but for others that understand the power and importance of  hard work, ingenuity, and generosity.  It’s also not the mindset that God wants for us to have when it comes to our finances and belongings.

What do I mean by being a good steward?

Well, being a good steward is really the opposite of having the mindset of entitlement.  It means that you understand that what you have is not yours to begin with, whether you’ve worked hard for it or not.  All that you see, and do not, belongs to God.

Does this mean that you can’t enjoy life?  Absolutely not!  God wants to reward us because he is all about love and is good all of the time.

The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 gives scriptural foundation to what I’m talking about here.  In this lesson, Jesus talks about three men who were given talents (money, gold), something of worth, with the intention of returning the talents to their master.  Two of the men return twice of what they were given while one returned what he was originally entrusted with.  God intends for us to use what he provides for good, to invest, and multiply.  This is saying don’t sit on your money, it’s a tool that should be working for you.  In the spiritual sense, money can be good or bad (mammon).

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have an emergency fund saved away for rainy days.  You should have one of those first but be reasonable with it.  Obtain Godly counsel and ask God himself to help you prayerfully determine the best direction for your investments.

3 Aspects of Good Financial Stewardship

  • Prayer around your financial decisions, day-to-day and larger.
  • Generosity
  • Vision/Planning – Having a plan (budgeting) for your money short-term and long-term.

 Benefits of Good Financial Stewardship

  • Wealth – Given your obedience, God will multiply your finances.
  • Stability
  • Peace
  • Hope