Death By Procrastination – 3 Ways to Escape It

Procrastination is a killer.  It’s a killer of time, hope, and dreams.

Death By Procrastination

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In his book, The War of Art, Steven Pressfield talks about a force that we all face called resistance.  Procrastination is a large part or one of the primary components of resistance.  Resistance encompasses all of the things that we face as we try to make progress on a goal or make an impact in the world.

Financial Resistance

Getting your finances in order is no exception to resistance.  Talking about money with your spouse, setting goals, and managing the budget are probably not on your list of favorites.  I bet that you procrastinate when it comes to this stuff.

I actually like budgeting and tracking our money and I still yet procrastinate on these things so I understand.  I feel your pain.  Be diligent and understand that there’s a reward for staying on top of it.

Don’t let procrastination get the best of you.  I know that it’s easy to let low or no priority tasks steal our time.

A lot of downtime, but not really.

Make sure that you’re allotting your time to something of value.  Plan out your days and stick to the plan.  Go ahead and set aside some downtime to watch your favorite show or ‘goof’ off on the internet.  There are few if any that can stay on track without taking some time to recharge.

A few pointers…

I have a few tips that come to mind when thinking about how to overcome the resistance of procrastination.

Here goes...

  1. Be Accountable - Find a worthy accountability partner to keep you on track.  This could be your spouse, a relative, or close friend.  Pick somebody that you don't want to disappoint.
  2. Set Priorities - Without prioritization we get lost in the everyday stuff and lose focus.  Maintain focus by setting and sticking to a list of priorities.
  3. Manage Your Time - Block out your time for specific tasks.  When budgeting money we assign every dollar a mission and when budgeting time we should do the same.

Procrastination is a constant battle for many.  I want you to spend your time where it counts.  I hope that you’re encouraged to punch procrastination in the face.

Resistance and procrastination are spiritual.  God doesn’t want you to struggle with it.  Have your accountability partner pray for you and pray for them for the power to beat procrastination and the resistance.

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