Easy Cash Back For Online Shopping

I’m going to talk about a few easy ways that we get cash back for online shopping.  If you’re spending money these days online (on the internet) or offline (in a physical store) then you most likely can get cash back for your purchases.

I like to use methods that are automatic or nearly automatic.  Remember that you have to make saving easy or automatic and this is another way of doing it.  I opt for online options and built-in cash back of credit cards to maximize the returns.

I’m not advocating credit card use for everybody as it can be very dangerous but we do use cards for most purchases with what I consider to be success.

A couple of online tools via Chrome browser extensions that I frequently use are Ebates and Honey.  Honey is primarily used via the Chrome browser extension.  Ebates can be used by going to their site and clicking on the retailer link or by using their browser extension.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates gives you cash back, with differing percentages by participating retailer, automatically as you shop online.  You sign up for an account and they send you a check every so often as your balance builds.

For example, they’re currently advertising 7% cash back when shopping at Walmart.com.  That’s a nice chunk of change!

Ebates Chrome Extension

For Ebates, you can go to their site and click on the link for your selected retailer.  They’ll direct you to the retailer’s site via their link which allows you to take advantage of the cash back offer.  If you’re a Chrome browser user then you can add the extension.  I see that Ebates has a button on the bottom of their site that you can click to add their extension.  If you type “Ebates Chrome Extension” into Google then you’ll find it that way too.

Here’s a quote from Honey describing their cash back tool.

“Honey magically scours the Internet for ANY coupon that is active for the website you’re shopping on. During checkout, just click the Honey button and we’ll automatically apply the best coupon to save you the MOST money.”



Go here to install the Honey Chrome browser extension.  It will be well worth your time.

If you use Ebates, Honey, and your credit card cash back then you could save big, upwards of 10% cash back or overall discount, when shopping online.

Check out Magnify Money for finding a good cash back credit card.  They have all kinds of helpful information and products there.

Here are the steps to maximizing your online cash back with the strategy that I've outlined in this post.

1) Use Ebates to get cash back.

2) Use the Honey Chrome extension to get coupon codes at checkout.

3) Use a credit card offering cash back at the retailer to pay for the purchase.

I hope this all makes sense but if not then contact me at josh@familyfinanceworks.com with any questions or leave a comment on this post and I’ll respond.