For The Long Haul

I recently read an article about a man in Minnesota who has driven the same truck for 38 years!  He paid $75 for the Chevy truck that is now partially held together with bondo and duct tape.

According to this inflation calculator, that would be roughly $292 in today’s money.  That’s not a bad investment and most of the time you can’t even consider a vehicle an investment.

Head lamp of old abandoned truck

© SNEHIT / Dollar Photo Club


This may be an extreme case of getting the use out of something but I have to wonder how much we could save if we had the same attitude toward all of our possessions.  This lesson of longevity can be applied to many things.

With most vehicles, doing the standard maintenance will take you a long way providing a reliable ride for years and big savings.  When you do your own maintenance such as oil changes then you’ll appreciate your vehicle more and be more likely to take care of it.

It’s the same thing with your home, furniture, clothing, and anything else that’s reusable and worth the effort.

This could even be said for and certainly applies to our bodies.  By exercising, eating healthy, and maintaining good hygiene we could avoid costly medical bills and be in much better shape to provide for our families.

Look around and determine what you can take better care of and think about how long you can keep it without replacing it.  Adopting a good sense of needs versus wants while extending the life of your possessions could pay you back in a big way on down the road (pun intended).

By taking care of our stuff we’re showing appreciation and gratitude to God and those around us.

Is there something that you can start taking better care of?