Guardrails For Your Money

It’s so easy to lose track when trying to stay on top of our finances.  We can lose control and get into trouble.  We need a way to safeguard ourselves from trouble that will come along.  And you know that it will.

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Guardrails keep us out of trouble on the road.  They keep us from hurting ourselves and others.  There's never anything good on the other side of the guardrail whether it's oncoming traffic, a cliff, or murky water.

I feel better when I see guardrails in place just in case a mistake is made or there's some sort of mechanical failure like a blown tire.  They're there for protection and peace of mind.  They save lives.

Guardrails are placed where it's safe to drive but there's trouble just on the other side.  A guardrail may cause a little damage or pain if you hit it but it will save so much more pain.  They provide a buffer or margin and are somewhat forgiving.

Most of the time we don't notice that they're in place.  If they were too much of a distraction then they could be more hindering than helpful.

When it comes to money, a budget is our guardrails to keep us in line and out of trouble with money.  A budget is as important to finances as guardrails are to driving.  A budget is there to keep your from losing control of your money and to save your life financially!

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  • A Budget Protects You From Debt - A budget will allow you to pay off debt and prevent you from accumulating debt.  Debt is the number one danger that you need to stay away from.  Staying in the parameters of a budget is like driving on a road with nice sturdy guardrails.
  • A Budget Enables Good Stewardship - Abiding by a budget allows you to make the best decisions with your money.  It is pleasing to God that you're taking His provision seriously.  Being able to save, invest, and give are three biggies when it comes to financial stewardship.
  • A Budget Protects Your Future - A budget ensures that your goals for your family are attainable.  Your kids will thank you for it.  You're laying the groundwork for your legacy with a budget.

Make sure that you're protected with a solid budget.  Take the budget seriously as if your life and your future depend on it!  Think about guardrails when you think about budgeting.

This post was inspired by Andy Stanley's message series titled Guardrails.  It's definitely worth a listen.  I listen to Andy's weekly messages via the Your Move podcast.

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