Your Hidden Treasure


© Olaf Speier / Dollar Photo Club

There are things in our lives that we can make better.  These are relationships that are running on auto-pilot or physical items that we’ve neglected or overlooked.  If we dig a little then it’s likely that we’ll find more in these people or things.  There’s treasure there although it may not appear to be there at first.

I’ve identified some possible areas to help you identify and uncover some treasure in your life.

Your Close Family

I’m a parent and I know the high importance of setting time aside to focus on the kids.  They’ve got to have positive role-models and deserve our attention as parents at 100%.  It’s naive to think that you can be the perfect parent but any improvement is good.  We can always do more and after all, we only have a finite window to make an impact.

There may be something awesome in your spouse or significant other that’s just waiting to come out.  It’s your job to encourage them!  You may be the only one in their life in a position and willing to give them the support that they need.  It could be that they need a boost of confidence or simply know that they’re loved.

Your Friends & Co-Workers

You’ve likely got a friend who needs some guidance and/or prayer.  We spend a lot of time with our co-workers and close friends.   If you think a little more about those relationships and understand those folks a little better then you could help them break through to be something more.

Your Furry Friend(s)

There may be a Fido or Garfield down at the local shelter that could use some love.  Bringing a pet into the family may bring your family closer together.

Material Possessions

If you take care of your stuff then it will take care of you or at least your wallet in the long run.  For example. we’ve paid off both of our vehicles.  They may be a little older but still have a lot of dependability and value left.

If you’re looking for something, such as a vehicle, be sure to do your homework.  Buy used if possible to save on the depreciation.  Don’t let your purchases become emotional.


Take care of yourself and work every day to improve in your health, spirituality, relationships, and finances.  With incremental improvement over time, you can be transformed and begin to discover the hidden treasure that God placed in you.

You see, our treasure is where our heart is.  It’s in the people and things that we love and care about.  Through the lens of love you’ll see the positive instead of the negative.  Seeing the potential in those around you and yourself could be the beginning of something great.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ~Luke 12:34

Where is your treasure?

Please leave a comment if you’ve discovered some treasure in an unexpected place.