Safety First – Buying New Booster Seats For The Twins

We recently purchased a couple of booster seats for our twins and just got them in from Amazon.


My wife makes safety a priority when traveling and researched for the safest booster seats as the twins are graduating from their old seats.  She put a good amount of time and motherly consideration into the purchase.  She went with the seats (Graco Affix Youth Booster Car Seat with Latch System) pictured above.

When she mentioned researching to buy some booster seats, I was thinking about the type without the back like below.  This is the kind that I thought they’d move up to.  I’m glad that she thinks this stuff through.  I would’ve said go with the cheap ones that meet the minimum requirements.

Here are the benefits of getting the type of booster with the back and latch system.

The latch system holds the seat in place while buckling.

In case of an impact, the latches will keep the seat in place.

These seats have been side-impact tested for safety.

The fully adjustable head rest can be adjusted as your child grows.

Here are some considerations when purchasing a booster seat.

Age, Height, and Weight - Check out for recommendations.  They have a simple tool where you can enter date of birth, height, and weight of your child to get

Comfort/Support - Would you want to sit in a hard seat with an uncomfortable seat belt position?  A good seat will be more comfortable for those long rides.  Seat belt positioning is important for safety and comfort as well.

I hope that this post helps you make a solid decision if you’re looking for a new seat for your growing child.

Please share your thoughts and any recommendations that you may have from your experience and/or research.

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