Thank and Grow Rich

be grateful

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How does being thankful and expressing gratitude help you become rich?

If you have read my last post on Leading a Rich Life then maybe you’ve defined or at least given some thought to what being rich means to you.  It may not mean having all kinds of disposable income or having a butler and a Rolls Royce but is simply a mindset geared towards leading a fulfilling life.  If you haven’t done so then please go back and read that post and define what being rich is for you.

Being in a place of contentment and thankfulness.

Having an Attitude of Gratitude is the key to moving into your rich life.  Making a habit of appreciating the life you’ve already got will give you the power to bring more good things into your life.  Take the focus off of what you don’t have and put it on what you have.

You’ll lose the American tendency to want to keep up with others when you have a thankful heart.  You know that you sometimes fall into the comparison trap.  Comparing yourself to others will cause discontent and resentment that will make you a negative person.

When you see others that appear to have the life that you’d like then don’t look with envy but with gladness for them.  Also, keep in mind that a lot of what you see on the outside does not reflect the life that the person is leading.

Being free of greed and a negative attitude will help you to redefine your meaning of rich.  Think about your attitude toward money.  Does money control you or do you see it as a tool to provide margin for your family?  Money is nice to have but really isn’t a source of long-lasting happiness.

What are some ways to practice gratitude?

  • By Your Words

Words are powerful especially when spoken from the heart.  Think about how you can change your vocabulary to reflect thankfulness.  Before responding in a conversation, especially a heated one, think about your response and make it a positive one.

  • By Listening

Let your loved ones and friends know that you respect them by listening intently before responding.  Giving your full attention is a great way to show that you're thankful for your time together.

  • By Your Actions

You need to back up your kind words with actions.  Think about your body language.  What does it look like to listen with care?  Showing gratitude takes some energy and you can't give the other person a positive impression if you're slouched over or watching your phone for the next notification.

  • Give More Than You Take

Are you typically looking to get something out of relationships and interactions with others?  Why don't you spin that around and always look for a way to help?  Be the biggest giver in the relationship.

  • Focus On Others

This is closely related to being the biggest giver however it requires more energy.  What I'm talking about is focusing on someone of great importance such as your spouse, parent, or children.  Let them know that you're going above and beyond to make their life easier.

Make it a point to be intentional every day about being thankful.  You don’t have to be over the top about it.  Even the smallest gestures can make somebody’s day.  Make gratitude a habit so that it will become natural.

If you already feel as if you’re a grateful person, what are some tips that you can share?