Think Enriched!

I listen to podcasts every day.  I’m often looking for the next episode to queue up in my smartphone’s podcast player.  I’d rather listen to a podcast versus music or negative news on the radio.  It’s a great way to add value and learn a bit during a commute, exercise, or mowing the lawn.

Being an avid podcast listener, I was delighted to be asked to be a guest on the Think Enriched podcast with Amy Robles!   I subscribed to Amy’s show as soon as she launched and she has had some outstanding guests such as Lee Cockerell, Nick Loper, James Kinson, Travis Scott, Jody MaberryKim Trumbo and the Debt Free Guys.  Amy’s podcast is all about helping people make better decisions with their personal finances.  Amy is great about keeping the conversation moving and injecting value through her knowledge and experience.

Think Enriched podcast

Amy recently released our conversation and I’m proud to share it with you.  You can listen to it through your browser at or by listening in iTunes.  I encourage you to subscribe so that you’ll know when Amy publishes future episodes and be able to listen to the earlier episodes.

Amy also runs a quality blog over at where she blogs about personal finance (for the rest of us).  She actually included one of my top personal (family) finance tips in a post here along with money advice from many other bloggers.  This post alone is a goldmine of information that could change your life and I’m honored to be included.

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I hope that you enjoy the podcast.  Be sure to subscribe to it!

Please leave a comment especially if you listen!  Thank you!

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  • Amy Robles

    Wow! This is amazing! Josh, thank you! I am just seeing this. It has been great learning from you!

  • Josh Cook

    No problem Amy! It’s the least that I could do. Thank you for having me!