Working on Your Fitness Will Help Your Finances

We all know that being healthy has many benefits.  You may not typically think of the great impact that good fitness has on your wallet.

Health and Finances

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I’m fitness and health conscious but haven’t always been the most dedicated when it comes to a consistent exercise and eating regimen (aka diet).  I’ve found that even at smaller doses exercise has a big payoff in how I feel physically as well as my mental outlook.  Eating healthy 70% to 80% of the time also seems to be working pretty well.

Specifically, I work out daily for 15-20 minutes each weekday morning.  I alternate strength with workout bands one day and cardio the next.  Do what works for you but don’t overdo it starting out.

So, what are some of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle when it comes to finances?  Here are just a few that I can think of.  I’m definitely not a fitness guru but have seen these benefits personally.

Clarity and Focus

Getting your blood flowing and muscles working will prime you for the day allowing you to perform at a higher level than if you didn't work out.  You'll notice an edge of sorts when it comes to mental tasks.

An Optimal Outlook

Accomplishing a daily workout gives me a better outlook for the day.  I'm not saying that I'm always bummed but I know for sure that getting my exercise in will make for a happier and less stressful day.

Fewer Doctor Visits and Bills

As you probably know, exercise and healthy diet will thwart things such as high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, diabetes, and so many other life threatening and life altering conditions.   When exercising I know that my health stats improve.  I've compared results and have proof of this.

As you become healthier you will have fewer medical visits (and bills) and prescriptions to fill.  You know that anything medical comes with a significant expense.  Saving on this stuff will be noticeable to your personal bottom line.

Food Expenses

You'll likely save by reigning in your diet to include mostly healthy items and fewer 'junk' items.  Also, it's usually harder to eat healthy when eating out so you'll save by eating out less.  Don't go cold turkey on this stuff but go with the 80/20 rule for your food.


The combined effect of daily (or nearly daily) exercise will increase your ability to get more done.  If you can focus your new energy then you may even increase your income!


People will notice a difference in your attitude and physical appearance.  If they see that you take care of yourself then you may gain some respect and interest resulting in a raise or new opportunities.


Kids notice everything and your actions will influence their life.  Giving your children the gift of a health mindfulness will provide the same benefits for them as they grow into adults.

All of these items from a healthier lifestyle will positively affect your finances.  You’ll give yourself a better chance of achieving your goals and directly influence your bank account for the better.

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